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GR Baker Construction has been in the industry for over 20 years. It was established as a small business but with all the hard work and dedication it grew bigger and bigger. We are known all over Tennessee because everyone knows how efficient we do our job. We never treat any project too small. For GR Baker Construction, all jobs are special and one of a kind. We pay close attention to detail of every project we accept whether it’s from the design to the finished product.


Our excellence is inspired by the people who trust us. We achieved success because our clients believed in us. The core to our success is how we treat each customer. We treat every project as a big one. We always show our clients how special it is. Over the years, GR Baker Construction still continues to build those cabinets that can last for so many years.

We are pleased to say that, over 70 percent of homes in Tennessee have a GR Baker Construction brand in their homes. We have been in demand to homeowners who wants the best cabinets that can match the foundation of their homes. We also value and respect the time of all our clients. GR Baker Construction always sees to it that the project will be done within the set timeline. With so many years in this industry, we have never missed one deadline. Another achievement that we are proud of is that we never had a client who is not satisfied.


If you are seeking for a construction company that you can trust, GR Baker Construction is the best choice. You don’t have to make an adjustment because we are the one who will adjust to the needs of our clients. With GR Baker Construction, you can rest assured that you will be treated like a family. We all know that for our loved ones, we only want to provide the best.

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